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Meet Adamas By DreamStone

Bring your vision to life with our Adamas platform. Our custom model makers use innovative technology to recreate anything you can imagine. You'll get to see 3D rendering of your design before we actually cast your ring.
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Receive a 3D rendering

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We'll design a 3D rendering for your approval.

    • Custom CAD

      Designed with precision using computer animation.

    • Wax Model Printing

      Once you approve your CAD, we'll print the wax model and cast it from there.

    • Full casting in any metal

      We cast your setting in your choice of precious metal.


Are custom orders refundable?

Yes! Custom orders are refundable.

Can I combine features from different pictures?

Yes, you can send us any number of different photos or sketches of jewelry / rings that inspire you and let us know what features you like to incorporate into your design.

How do I go about requesting a custom order?

Use this form to email us your inspirational photos and information.

Can I order a diamond on DreamStone and request a custom engagement ring to be made for it?

Absolutely! We prefer to make the complete ring for you, so if you see a setting you like somewhere else we can make it for you and complete your ring to your diamond's exact millimeters.

If I see a ring I like on DreamStone.com, but would like to modify something about it, can I do that?

Yes, you can let us know what features you'd like to change in any of our rings and if possible we'll make those adjustments free of charge.

Can I discuss my design with anyone first?

Yes, our expert jewelers are available to review your design with you. Feel free to email us at service@dreamstone.com or call us at 1-800-818-8386