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DreamStone Diamonds Are Certified

There are many diamond labs that issue certificates, but the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), is the most highly regarded and recognized diamond grading lab in the world. They are known for their consistency, stringent examination techniques and impartiality when grading each and every stone. Over 95% of DreamStone Loose Diamonds are certified by GIA - A diamond accompanied by this certificate is considered highly valued in the industry since they have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the highest standards of their work quality. To accommodate the requests of some customers, we also carry a small selection of diamonds that are certified by other labs such as; IGI as well as lab grown diamonds.

Why Do I Need A Certificate?

Grading reports can be useful for many reasons. They provide verification of the "facts" as represented by the seller and allow you to make a confident and informed decision.

Reports also provide a basis to comparison shop. Since the slightest change in a diamonds grading can significantly alter its value, comparing the details of each stone you are considering will give you a clear understanding of their differences. DreamStone provides a unique feature in our diamond search that enables you to select stones and compare their critical characteristics side by side.

View Diamond Certificates Online

Every loose diamond on DreamStone is accompanied by a grading report. You can now view many of these lab reports online. You will receive the original certificate with your diamond order. For any diamond that many not have a certificate, please call our Client Service at 1-800-818-8386.

Reading a Grading Report

A Diamond Grading Report states specific characteristics of a diamond. Grading labs such as the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) issue these reports.

Cut Grade

A grade determined by a diamond's table-up appearance. This takes both design and craftsmanship into consideration.

Shape and Cutting Style

A grade based on the diamond shape and cutting style.

Color Grade

This grade is based on the absence of color in a diamond.

Clarity Grade

The clarity grade is determined by what can be seen under 10x magnification.

Carat Weight

The weight of diamond to the nearest hundredth of a carat.


The diamond's dimensions in millimeters.


Rates the smoothness of the diamond's surface.


A grade based on the shape, depth, alignment and arrangement of the diamond's facets, along with the evenness of the outlines (edges) are graded.


A grade that represents a diamond's overall appearance, its surface, polish, and facet placement.


The reflection of color when the diamond is viewed under UV light.

Clarity Plot

A map of the approximate size, type, and position of all the inclusions that can be seen under a microscope.

Proportion Diagram

A map of the diamond's actual proportions.


Notes and details describing additional diamond characteristics not already mentioned in the report.