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Choose a setting

DreamStone offers an excellent variety of settings to choose from. Here is an outline of five main styles:



On an elegant band, prongs embrace a center diamond to collect the most light for maximum fire and brilliance. Some people prefer a four-prong setting which exposes more of the diamond, and others, prefer a tad more security in a six-prong setting.

Solitaire Settings



Pave style settings are the most popular these days. Small diamonds are embedded in the metal with beads of metal securing them. This gives you the opportunity to go thinner on the band while still having an accent of diamonds. Another benefit with pave-set diamonds is that there is minimum metal showing

Pave Settings



When there are supplementary stones on a setting, it is branded as a setting with sidestones. Some people enjoy the additional stones for the extra life and sparkle it can add to the over-all ring.

Settings with Side-Stones



If you desire the classic three-stone setting, DreamStone has a gorgeous diamond pre-set platinum or gold collection.
For those who would like to create a truly matchless and exceptional ring, DreamStone will set three stones of your choice on a three-stone setting. The first stone represents the past, the center stone represents the present, and the third stone represents the future.

Three-Stone Settings



If you are seeking a perfect set, DreamStone has a fine collection of engagement rings with a matching wedding band.

Settings with Matching Bands

Now You're Ready

At DreamStone our goal is to make sure you, our valued customer, is not only well-informed about your purchase, but also extremely satisfied with your overall experience with us. For questions, concerns, or other inquires, please feel free to contact our expert team at anytime.