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The diamond and the setting are the two components of an Engagement Ring. If you are looking for the best value and quality, it is best to pick out these two parts separately. This way insures that you get the diamond you want and the setting you want at the best price. Some people choose the diamond before they choose the setting, while others find it easier to pick the setting style first and than find the perfect diamond. You can divide your budget between the setting and diamond as you see fit. For example, you can choose to put most of your budget towards the diamond and get a larger or finer stone, decide to get a more expensive setting, or find it easier to split your budget equally. Our unique online features allow you to design your own ring and switch back in forth between the diamond and the setting until you create your dream ring. 

Establish a Budget

Choosing an engagement ring is a poignant event and since this is a purchase that will last a lifetime deciding on a budget can be stressful. The two month salary is a traditional starting point, but we at DreamStone believe that regardless of your budget the most important objective should be overall quality. Don't fall into the misconception that you have to spend a fortune to get a beautiful engagement ring.  As wholesales of diamonds and manufacturers of jewelry you save a significant premium when shopping at DreamStone. We have found that our customers save approximately 50-75% compared to traditional brick and mortar stores and 25%-50% compared to other online competitors. We are confident we can help you find the perfect ring to fit your budget.

The Perfect Engagement Ring

With so many different setting styles and diamond shapes trying to guess what ring she would love is a challenge, DreamStone will not only educate you on all the information you'll need to know before you start your search, but also fill you in on other secrets that will give you the assurance that you've chosen the best ring for her. There are basic questions you can ask yourself to point you the right direction. In this guide we will explore some of the more popular questions and help you find the answers. Before you get into the details, once you establish a budget you should decide on a center diamond shape and whether she would want a setting style with side diamonds or a solitaire setting without side diamonds.

Choosing the Right Diamond

In choosing the right diamond for your engagement ring it is useful to get a basic idea of the different factors that make up a diamond's quality and value called the Four C's. This guide will walk you through each of these factors to help you determine which of the Four C's are most valuable to you. We are devoted to making sure that we exceed the expectations of every customer. With the knowledge available through our website and our customer service team, anyone can turn into a confident and knowledgeable consumer. Regardless of whether your goal is to purchase the largest stone, the highest quality stone, or a balance of both carat and quality, we're here to help.