0.23 Carat - Round Cut Natural Diamond

E Color, VVS2 Clarity, Good Cut, GIA lab

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Product Details
Stock Number
Carats 0.23 carats
Cut Good
Color E
Clarity VVS2
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Ships By Wednesday, October 6th
Depth % 58.3%
Table % 64%
Symmetry Good
Polish Good
Culet Very Small
Fluorescence None
Measurement 4.06-4.10x2.38
Ratio 0.99
Report Number 6217527592
Size 0.23 CT

The "carat" refers to the weight of the diamond. The bigger the carat, the more money the diamond. There is no "good" or "bad" carat, it strictly has to do with budget. Some trade off quality to get a bigger rock, while others want the finest diamond and settle for a smaller carat weight.

0.23 CT
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Cut Good

(G) This diamond does a good job in reflecting much of the light that enters as determined by grading laboratories. A Good Cut is the right choice for those that want to balance quality, size and budget while still keeping within acceptable industry cut proportions.

A diamond's cut also referred to as the stone's "make" is the proportions of its facets and its overall finish. Cut is a result of a craftsman's skill in transforming a rough crystal into a magnificent gem. A well-proportioned (well-cut) stone will create that fire and brilliance of flashing rainbow colors and liveliness.

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Color E

Color refers to the natural body color of a diamond. The color grade, a measure of a stone's colorlessness determines how much tint of yellow it has. The color scale ranges from absolutely colorless (D color) to light yellow (L color). In general, the less color a diamond has the more money it is, all other factors being equal.


(E) For the untrained eye E-Color is indistinguishable from D and only an expert gemologist using sophisticated equipment and the proper lighting conditions can detect any trace of color. E-Color is considered exceptionally fine and very rare.

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Clarity VVS2

Most diamonds have inclusions. These are natural microscopic features in a diamond. The clarity grade refers to a stone's relative absence of these clarity characteristics from FL (flawless) to I1 (included) scale. Most people find the "sweet spot" to be VS2/SI1 where the diamonds appear "eye clean".

diamond_clearity vvs2

(VVS2) This diamond has very, very small inclusions. The minute inclusions are difficult for even a trained grader to see under 30x magnification. VVS2 graded diamonds are very rare.

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